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About Zaika

To taste, to savor, to experience succulent flavor....

In ancient India, Mogul Emperors insisted on perfection in every facet of life's en countering. The cuisine developed during this magical era, was a reflection of their pursuit of excellence. The preparation of fine cuisine and the fusion of aromatic spices, evolved into a culinary science. The use of earthen Tandoor oven's naturally - fueled, ensured that succulent juices and flavors were baked to perfection.

In my humble capacity, i have endeavored to interpret these ancient recipes, by utilizing authentic Tandoor ovens and applying my skills, to translate then into an eastern cordon bleu experience that all people can savor and enjoy. Ultimately, patience has to be woven into the customer's encounter. The old adage of "Good things, take time" is relevant here. We hope you will accommodate us in this respect.

Thank you for you patronage, we hope the "Zaika" experience will be thoroughly satisfying and memorable.

Bismiellah! Enjoy!

Wa Salaam

Yusuf and Ghadija Essack

Chicken Curries

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Tandoori Bread

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